Wired IoT – via fieldbus

The future is networking – with reliable communication

Although wireless characterises the IoT, networking using standard fieldbus technologies is far from being a thing of the past. On the contrary: combining the two means speed and reliability – and often cost-efficiency as well.

We have been using a wide variety of fieldbuses for automation and building automation for more than 25 years – from simple 2-wire buses with their own supply to Industrial Ethernet standards such as EtherCAT. We already have the software for a range of communication protocols in our modular system. This keeps the development risk to a minimum and allows us to implement secure communication modules within a short period of time.

OPC UA and MQTT also form part of our networking portfolio as middleware for automation – from simple data polling to complex integration of XML files and information models with OPC UA.

“Wired” fieldbuses combined with MQTT and OPC UA, from your experts in horizontal and vertical networking.