The modular system for IoT solutions with Sigfox

Are you interested in Sigfox as your LPN solution? Are you searching for Sigfox-compatible modules for your use case?

We have already realised various OEM developments for Sigfox applications, in particular in the logistics environment or in the tracking sector. As a result of the provision of the network and the gateways via Sigfox, it is particularly important that you have a partner who has already implemented projects with Sigfox, who is aware of the characteristics and who will support you in the development for a certifiable device.

With Sigfox, the focus is on the transmission of events, alarms and measured values from slow processes. Battery-operated use of sensor technology is also a typical indicator of low-power networks with a high range at Sigfox. Sigfox provides its own base servers and gateways. It is not intended for private networks to be used, for the sake of international standardisation.

With this in mind, comtac provides bridges and IO products for Sigfox as standard products. Subscriptions for Sigfox products are activated upon purchase with comtac. This means that the products also give you the opportunity to buy and manage the subscriptions.

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