Condition monitoring

LPN KM Short-circuit-monitor

Designed for LoRaWAN: Recording and transmission of short-circuit messages in transformer stations

LPN KM Short Circuit Detector is specially designed for the acquisition and transmission of short-circuit and ground fault messages from transformer stations. The integrated battery-supported power supply and the easy integration into private or public LoRaWAN® networks allows a cost-effective upgrade of stations for faster fault localization and resupply. The LPN KM is of course also suitable for other applications where digital messages are to be transmitted.

  • battery life > 10 years
  • Recording and processing of wiper messages
  • Message transmission with time stamp
  • for private and public LoRaWAN® networks
  • easy network integration with QR Code
  • live notifications with battery status
  • clever housing with hinged ceiling / IP65
  • Wall and DIN-Rail mounting
  • LoRa® radio technology
  • external antenna for excellent radio performance