Designed for LoRaWAN® and other LPWAN-technologies:

A variety of applications with one device!

The Cluey is designed for monitoring and control tasks in electricity, water or other infrastructure networks. Select a configuration that suits your application, wire the device accordingly and set your individual parameters. With the controller and monitoring intelligence already present in the Cluey. There is no need to programme! This saves you a lot of time and exhausting project work to find the right configuration

Der Cluey ist enorm vielseitig, sehen Sie hier eine Auswahl von bereits realisierten Anwendungen:


Configured as a short-circuit monitor "KM", the Cluey detects and transmits short-circuit and earth fault messages in transformer stations. The integrated battery-supported power supply and simple integration into private or public LoRaWAN® networks enables cost-effective upgrading of transformer stations for faster fault localisation and resupply.

  • Short circuit and earth fault status acquisition
  • Timestamped and station identified transmitted values
  • Monitoring of up to 8 messages
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Cluey – EEG Feed-In

The configuration "EEG" indicates the power limitation for EEG feed-in.  For feed-in management, the required limiting level can be controlled by the control centre by issuing commands via the outputs. The actual level set by the feeder is recorded by the inputs and transmitted so that the current status is available in the control centre.

  • Output of a command pulse to set the desired limitation level (up/down or level).
  • Detection of the set step
  • Feedback of the set step after step switching with time stamp
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"WM1" indicates meter recording with the Cluey in the area of submetering of functional buildings. Due to the time-synchronised meter transmission with time stamp, the recorded meter status can also be used by physically separated metering stations for accounting and consumption accruals.

  • Time synchronisation of meter status
  • Accounting
  • Up to 8 meter inputs (reed contact or opto sensor)
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Control with the Cluey "KM"? In the "SLS" configuration, the Cluey is a cost-effective replacement for ripple control receivers. With up to four outputs, four strings are switched, connected with two loops for night/half-night switching. In addition, bulb failure detection is possible via the optional current measurement.

  • 4 outputs for up to 4 strings (on/off)
  • 2 loops for night/half-night switching
  • Bulb failure detection for service optimisation
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The Cluey can be used as a "TPS" configuration to control gates, bollards and barriers, or simply to monitor fire and security doors. The pure counting of the switching cycles is an important indicator for maintenance or end of warranty.

  • Status monitoring: Opened, closed, intermediate position (opens/closes)
  • Time monitoring of the intermediate position ("too long" = malfunction)
  • Metering of the operations
  • Output of impulse commands for opening, closing, stop
  • Reduction of control cycles
  • Low installation effort due to battery operation
  • Ensure that security doors are properly closed
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Video of Cluey

Further development and product videos can be found on our YouTube channel.