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LoRaWAN™ Certification for comtac’s LoRa Modbus Bridge

22.03.2017 | LoRa Alliance™ has awarded LoRa Modbus Bridge, a transmitter and receiver unit (node) enabling the connection of arbitrary Modbus ASCII or RTU compatible devices to the LoRa Low Power network, with an LoRaWAN Certification. The LoRa Modbus Bridge is developed, manufactured and marketed by LoRa Alliance Member comtac.

The LoRa Modbus Bridge provides full read/write access to Modbus registers via LoRaWAN networks, with a maximum of 16 Modbus registers connectable to each bridge unit. By using LoRa Modbus Bridge, data from different devices and systems can be transmitted to and from Cloud solutions. A particularly suitable solution is comtac’s Cloud CC which is a modular software package enabling trouble-free processing of acquired data and control of network elements.

Certification testing was done according to LoRaWAN Spec version V1.0.1. LoRa Modbus Bridge complements comtac’s portfolio of products and solutions for Low Power Wide Area Networks. Following the LoRa Lighting Bridge, it is comtac’s second product to be to be officially certified by the LoRa Alliance. Additional products are currently in the certification process.