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The Things Conference Embedded – THE ONLINE EVENT SERIES!

18.01.2022 | The Things Conference Series is a series of events that have been planned throughout 2021 and in to early 2022, leading up to The Things Conference 2022 in Amsterdam. The Series focus on individual verticals and highlight LoRaWAN® innovations and business cases. Of course comtac is attending!

When: 28th January 2022, 16:35 - 16.55
Speaker: CEO Stefan Zimmermann

Make it run is technical – Make it applicable is know how: comtac …more than just embedded development!

Learn the requirements needed to develop a useful product: It takes way more than to just put software modules together, assemble the hardware from the evaluation board designs and provide configuration parameters in a more or less easy to use interface. The designing of a product is knowing and understanding the functionality of the application the product will be used for.

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