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The winner is: Cluey – Swiss DINNO AWARD 2021

31.08.2021 | We are proud and happy to be among this year's winners of the swiss DINNO Award. With the Swiss Dinno Award, SwissT.net honours companies, projects or personalities who have digitally modernised a product, service or process in an innovative, creative and exemplary way - in this case our Cluey!

On August 31st, the prize was personally presented to Uwe Scholz by President Guy Parmelin at the opening event of SINDEX.

Preisübergabge an Uwe Scholz

Cluey: One device - A multitude of applications!

With Cluey, a previously very time-consuming process – fault localisation in the power distribution network – can be digitalised simply and economically and the interruption times in the event of a fault can be reduced considerably.

Remote monitoring of local network transformer stations is certainly not new, but in the past it was simply not necessary or not economical. Direction of electricity flow was always the same, load was known (= number and type of consumers) and consumers simply called in when power failed.

But conditions have changed  in many areas! Fast fault localisation and transparency in operating conditions is more and more required to maintain supply quality and availability and also to save costs.

With the Cluey, the flexible module with on-site intelligence, we offer economical solutions for many applications, such as short/earth fault message transmission, access monitoring for facilities, recording of operating hours, monitoring of status of switches, gates, valves and many other applications in infrastructure monitoring.

Based on Semtech’s LoRa® technologiy wireless data transmission and connection to superior systems is possible even in difficult and remote locations without large investments.

The concept: You select your application in the configuration, wire the device accordingly and only set your individual parameters. With the controller and monitoring intelligence already present in the Cluey, you no longer need to program! This saves you a lot of time and tedious project work.

Cluey Grafik