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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

22.12.2020 | "It's easier for people to go through a big change than a small one" Dean Ornish

2020 will go down as an epochal year in modern human history. The instigated change we are in is so big that we have already changed a lot of things and have become at least partially accustomed to the changes.

In 2020, you and we have networked differently, we have adapted to the new circumstances. Thus, in a slightly different form but still successful, we were able to move projects forward together.

For the pleasant and successful cooperation and your projects, we would like to thank you very much again this year.

Also in the next year we will support you with our engineering and IoT activities in our usual positive and authentic manner.

For the upcoming holidays, we wish you, your family and your colleagues happy get-togethers in a small circle and reflective moments, also with video telephony.

Above all, we wish you one thing: health for you and your family.
Your comtac team