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Bridge from technology to application – Interview with Uwe Scholz

20.04.2020 | The comtac AG team has received additional support - in terms of personnel and content. Since the beginning of April 2020, Business Development has been a new area of responsibility, for which Uwe Scholz is in charge. Three questions to the man who is to help shape the future development of comtac.

Mr Scholz, what brought you and comtac together in difficult times like these?

Uwe Scholz: In the context of my previous position as Vice President R&D at a supplier of measuring systems, I have known and appreciated Oliver Roth for about three years - but in his position as Managing Director of Grossenbacher System AG. However, as this company is as much part of the Amalthea group as comtac is, the connection was not far off. This is all the more true in view of the fact that comtac's strategic orientation matches my personal focus surprisingly well.

How would you describe these personal priorities?

As a communications engineer, I should actually be a real "tekkie" in terms of education - but the truth is that I have become more and more interested in the connection to the "user", i.e. the bridge from technology to practical application.

Business Development, as I understand it, is about developing business areas and opening up new markets. You can search for markets for existing technology or develop technical solutions for an identified market. You always need a bridge - no matter in which direction you go.

My technical interest has always been, and still is, in the collection and distribution of relevant data: getting it to where it is needed. Is there any better way to describe comtac's business model in one sentence?

What do you want to achieve at comtac AG, what are your goals in this time of pandemic and its effects?

The situation could be easier, no question. On the other hand, it shows how important it is to be able to monitor critical infrastructures optimally from a distance. After all, comtac AG offers, among other things, solutions for Condition Monitoring and thus exactly the solution for this task. I am therefore optimistic that we will be able to convince the existing markets more than ever and find new ones. The future belongs to intelligent wireless, embedded and sensor solutions anyway - I am looking forward to building this future as a member of the comtac team.

About the person

Uwe Scholz studied communications engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, and graduated with a degree in engineering. He gained a wide range of experience as an entrepreneur and head of development, most recently as Vice President R&D at a provider of measurement systems in the areas of water supply, thermal energy and data management. The 59-year-old has two grown-up daughters and enjoys sports in his spare time or is involved in subjects such as astronomy, physics and art.