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comtac Member of the mioty Alliance

20.10.2020 | We are pleased to announce that we are member of the mioty Alliance since the end of September 2020. In the IoT world, millions of sensors will communicate wirelessly in the future. MIOTY is a new radio technology especially adapted to ensure that data collected by thousands of sensors can be transmitted wirelessly simultaneously, without interfering with each other, in an extremely reliable, robust, efficient and secure manner. Through telegram-splitting and frequency-hopping, MIOTY achieves a high level of interference immunity and additional redundant transmission enables data messages to be received completely even if radio packets are lost. MIOTY is extremely energy-saving and therefore ideally suited for use in battery-powered sensors.

As a proud member of the MIOTY-Alliance we are pleased to contribute to the development of a MIOTY-Eco-System with our products and development services.

More about the mioty Alliance concept can be found on the website.