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LPN Tracker from Tracker.ch AG – with LoRaWAN®

23.09.2019 | The LPN (Low Power Network) Tracker from Tracker.ch AG enables a simple and cost-efficient tracking of e.g. construction machines, containers, transport crates, swap bodies, trailers etc. via LoRaWAN®. The tracker is LoRaWAN® certified and has received IoT Qualified status from Swisscom. Thanks to the extremely robust housing, which is IP67 protected, the tracker is ideal for outdoor use in rough construction site environments. It is mounted with cable ties, screws or industrial adhesive. It also has more than three years of autonomy in logger mode. The battery life is even significantly longer if the LPN Tracker is used in positioner mode (GPS position transmission only).

The sensors (sound and motion) can be individually adjusted to suit the particular machine. In combination with the programmed time period and geofencing, this allows an accurate recording of the location and operating times, tailored to the application.
In this way, users are informed by SMS or e-mail, if the objects should be moved outside of the normal operating times and operational areas. The settings of the sensors, evaluations, construction site allocation and much more are done in the tracker.com Dashboard.

Interested? The LPN Tracker is available at www.tracker.com. If you have any questions about the product, please contact Tracker.ch AG or comtac directly.