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LPN CM-3 Sensor – now LoRaWAN® certified

27.09.2019 | LoRa Alliance™ has awarded out LPN CM-3 with an LoRaWAN® Certification.

The LPN CM-3 is a low power temperature sensor that can be used in a large number of condition monitoring applications. Measurement settings and sending intervals can be configured in many different ways. The data is provided on a network server by means of LoRaWAN® radio technology, via gateways run by a network operator, e.g. by Swisscom in Switzerland. Alternatively, communication via locally installed LoRa® gateways (private networks) is no problem. The possible uses are manifold: IT infrastructure, production, buildings, machinery, logistics etc.

With its easy to use IP65 case and its ability to endure a wide temperature range, the LPN CM-3 is made to withstand rough environmental conditions. The LPN CM-3 is powered by a single AA LiMnO2 battery, enabling lifetimes of 4 years and more depending on the used spreading factor and measurement interval.

More information about the LoRa Alliance™ and the test report are to be found here.