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LoRaWAN® fire extinguisher – equipped for emergencies

04.07.2019 | In an emergency, a portable fire extinguisher must be ready for use at any time so that immediate measures can be taken. Fire extinguishers are essential for this and can save lives.

In order to guarantee this, UNIVERSAL Feuerlöschgeräte AG, in cooperation with comtac and Swisscom, has developed a fire extinguisher with RF connection. This is intended to prevent a fire extinguisher from standing empty without pressure or extinguishing medium and not being noticed that it has been manipulated or activated.

If the safety pin on the fire extinguisher is manipulated or removed, a message is automatically sent via LoRaWAN®. The message via the LoRaWAN® network can be used to react immediately. The device will be controlled or repaired by the service technician. It will be verified whether the message is to be forwarded directly to the fire brigade so that they can also act in an emergency.

Further information about the services of UNIVERSAL Feuerlöschgeräte AG can be found HERE.
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