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KLAX: the IR head for electricity meters – with LoRaWAN®

26.04.2019 | The KLAX provides real time values of modern electricity meters immediately and thus helps to implement effective energy-saving measures and create transparency. For this purpose, the KLAX is attached by a magnet to the integrated optical interface of modern measuring tools (mME). The signals from the infrared interface are recorded via optical head and transmitted via LoRaWAN®. The measured values are available in the LoRaWAN® backend shortly after the measurement and can be further processed with suitable software. This allows the customer to continuously measure his energy consumption every 15 minutes and directly influence his current power consumption.

The product is based on the standardized SML 1.04 protocol and therefore works in combination with various smart meter devices, making it compatible with most modern meters. Energy and water utilities or housing associations can use the product to offer value-added services based on the available measured values.

The IR head for electricity meters is a joint product of ZENNER IoT Solutions and Alpha-Omega Technology, which is developed and manufactured by comtac.

Interested? The KLAX is available at www.iot-shop.de. Outside Germany, the KLAX can also be purchased directly from comtac.

Additional interesting information about the product and its application can be found HERE.