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Cluey – Multifunctional LoRaWAN® product family - Uwe Scholz (Things Conference Devices 2022)

Why are application know-how and dynamic payload in LPWAN applications the key factors? - Stefan Zimmermann (Advances Connectivity/5G Day 2022)

“Make it run” is technical – “Make it applicable” is know-how! - Stefan Zimmermann (Things Conference Embedded 2022)

Our LoRaWAN® Hardware Design Journey - Stefan Zimmermann

Our LPN TD-1 LoRaWAN®/WiFi Tracker - Urs Moser

Our LPN TSM Transformer Station Monitor - Uwe Scholz

Our LPN KM Short Circuit Monitor - Uwe Scholz

Guided Tour through the LoRaWAN Hardware Process – Stefan Zimmermann

Our LoRaWAN Tracker - Andres Ramirez

Our „Time to Market" process - Stefan Zimmermann