Software development

We love what we do

See software as the key to functionality and creation of benefits?

Embedded software development is virtually limitless in scope, and is often underestimated. Requirements are oftentimes only developed in the course of the project, yet there shouldn’t be any kinks in the chain…

Foresighted software development is a must. With a wealth of experience, we see a range of possibilities in firmware developments or Linux developments, which can be exploited to the benefit of the application and end user.

Possessing a high level of methodical and professional skill, we are at your disposal when it comes to ensuring functionality in the respective software environment. Bringing the right level of foresight, we work with you to plan the software development – whether on the basis of traditional development models or with agile development methods such as SCRUM.

  • Real-time software for a wide range of processors
  • C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, etc.
  • “Firmware”, Linux (Yocto, etc.), Windows
  • Web technologies, SQL/Embedded SQL

Agile development methods: practical SCRUM (with reflection on insight gained since start of project)