What can the IoT do for me?

IoT, IIoT, digital transformation – are you looking for answers?

Numerous successful client projects form the basis for our well-founded answers to your use cases.

Whether you call this the IoT, IIoT for the industrial version or the digital transformation, it is essentially about using and combining new technologies. The focus should be on ensuring “additional customer benefit by utilising digital structures” in order to secure your business model.

Whether you are connecting new sensors using LPNs such as LoRa®, Sigfox or NB-IoT, or whether you need both big data analysis and Edge computing, it is all a question of your applications. We are happy to look at this with you holistically, even if you only need us for part of the system to supplement your own resources.

Wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi, etc. do, of course, play a major role. The use of “wireless” and battery-operated concepts (sometimes with energy harvesting) is imperative for many IoT applications for cost reasons. In mobile applications, particularly in logistics, the tracking of items (asset tracking) plays a very important role.

Through our projects implemented indoors and outdoors, we can provide you with optimal support with GPS-based solutions, even in connection with GSM/LTE.

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