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We are pleased to present some of our already realised projects here:

Customer projects

KLAX: The IR-Head for power meters – with LoRaWAN®!

The KLAX makes the values of modern power meters immediately available and therefore helps to implement effective energy-saving measures and create transparency. For this purpose, it is attached to the integrated optical interface of modern measuring devices (mME) by means of a magnet.

Smart hydrants: Management with intelligent D-Storz!

The Hawle D-Storz is equipped with an electrical sensor that can be connected to a smartphone, PC or tablet. The sensor automatically detects unauthorised water extraction and bypassing of the hydrant and immediately sends an alarm notification with the exact location (Google Maps).

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Flat roof monitoring: With intelligent measuring electronics!

In order to detect leaks immediately, the condition must be constantly analysed. Orkanet achieves this through the intelligent measuring electronics and the comprehensive web portal for evaluating the data. The measuring electronics impress with the combination of punctual with comprehensive monitoring.

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Multisense: One sensor – countless possibilities!

The Multisense contains numerous sensor types in one small, cost-effective device: detection of door opening, temperature and humidity measurement, alarm triggering as well as the detection of workplace occupancy.

LPN Tracker: Your data tracking & transmission!

The LPN Tracker measures with its sensors the movements and engine noises of basically every machine in order to assign it to the current job site.
Site allocation with geofencing ensures theft protection and simple accounting.

IoT fire extinguisher: Fire protection made easy!

The safety splint is offset with IoT technology. In case of manipulation and removal, a message is automatically sent via LoRaWAN®. This makes it possible to react immediately and have the device checked or repaired by service technicians.

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